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A Time Machine

Poem by: Jesse Bray

Last night I dreamed a dream 

A dream of a sad time machine

I traveled through once happy times 

The eyes and mouth were mine

I said aloud as I broke the mood

Us cuddled cozy enjoying food

I said this is me

Your lovely

From the future 

You're no longer

With me

Near me

Or for me

Love escaped out the door 

You have become a stranger 

Not stronger 

But weaker

You abandoned what we had together 

For reasons I'll never ever truly know why

You gave up on me

You gave up on our life

Your love flew away 

Like a bird from a cage

You feigned our friendship 

So now you'll feign your rage

Your love is dead and that is that

Like a ghost from futures past

Your mouth drops in awe

You can't believe your eyes in what surpassed 

And as quickly then 

As it is now 

I woke from my nightmare, my place of woe

For this sad sad time machine has no answers

It just reveals the hurts

And I need no device or great power to relive these things

When all I need is to close my eyes and then I'm reliving 

The hurt 

The pain

I'm tired and hinged on an empty trough

I'm sick of this sad time machine 

It's time to turn it off