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Inside The Mountain

Short Story by: Jesse Bray 

(Inspired by a real dream)

I awoke to complete darkness. The air was stale and moist. In the distance of this black space I could hear soft dripping sounds and the low hissing of steam. The rusted  squeaks of turning wheels and a light rumble were under my feet. I was moving. Towards what I had no clue? To what end I knew even less? Where was I?

I leaned forward then backwards, then left and right. At each corner I was stopped by cold steel. I was in a metal box with an exposed top. From the movement and mental processing I gathered I was inside some sort of mine cart. As the velocity of this cart picked up I could begin to feel a slight drop. I was descending. The wind rushing across my face. Faster, faster and faster! Then the plunge! I felt the cart fall straight down. My stomach was in my feet. My eyes though in total dark were watering my cheeks. The temperature began to rise. Then a faint glimmer emerged from the distance in the shape of two eyes. A low roar begins to increase in volume, louder, louder, louder until my head is shaking and my ears start ringing. 

The creatures lidless eyes are now piercing through the thick smoke, glowing like two blood moons. The mine cart as if by my own will sped up faster, faster and faster! The colossal beast swiped towards me with its branch like claws as I raced past it. The cart darts through a crevice in the rocks and spills me out into the sunshine. Behind me I hear the pained billowing of the monster inside the mountain. I am free, yet what have I awakened?

This seems like hardly the end?