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The Camino Adventure: Day Zero

Sunday September 22nd 2019 10:53pm 

Here it is the night before the big adventure! I'm so excited I can't sleep! 

Wrapping up all my emails, packing, and work stuff I'm a bit aghast at how I got here?! While it's been a road that seems to be being paved as I walk it I feel at peace. At peace with my present self. I know I'm going to see things I’ve never seen before, meet an enormous amount of new and interesting people and walk places that millions of pilgrims and adventurers have walked. 

There's a percolating sensation in my spirit that's telling me in no uncertain terms that I'm going to meet God in a profoundly fresh and exhilarating way: in both the labor and the love of this experience. That I'm heading towards a road that mends broken hearts and wounded souls. I've gone so far to be here. There's this old skin I feel I'm shedding as I leave. That I've out grown my previous self and may be shedding my skin multiple times on this upcoming trip. 

While I can't say if I'll have internet service to share this journal each day I will be journaling the whole time. And will make my best efforts to share here. If you so choose to or feel the urge please pray for me as I'm praying for you. I hope my experiences encourage you all. 

Thank you so much for all your love and support!

To The Camino here we go!

Bon Camino!