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The Camino Adventure: Day One

Monday September 23rd 2019

12:16am Huntington Beach California 

Still can't sleep. I thought taking a bath would of mellowed me out. But I'm still too excited! My whole body feels like it's tickling in anticipation! I just wanna head out the door now and start my adventure haha! Need to force myself to sleep a few hours before we head out the door at 3:30am.

5:59am LAX

Just made it through the largest airport I've ever seen haha! Portland airport seems like a one horse town in comparison. I've paired down so much since my divorce that aside from a few items I'm carrying almost everything thing I own on the Camino; my checked bag and the stuff I have on me. It feels strangely good to be living so light. Perhaps this is the spirit of The Camino; learning to live lighter to live richer.

10:08am PST  at 10,000 in the air traveling to Newark Airport 

I've already fallen asleep a few times in small ten to fifteen minute intervals. My lack of rest is starting to catch up with me and this is only the first leg haha. I'll be landing in Newark airport with a couple hours layover then hoping onto the next flight to Madrid. On the shuttle over I asked a silly question. "Is Madrid a big airport?" The reply was " Oh yes, they hosted the Olympics not long ago." I guess I never needed to pay attention to those details before. 

When we land in Madrid what I understand is we've got two long bus rides, one three hours long the other seven hours long before we finally and officially start our walk on the Camino. I've been in pretty good spirits most of the day except for one moment when I over heard some older couples brag about how long they had been married. One couple said forty years while the other said forty eight years! They continued to talk about being each other's one and only since high school and how so many people doubted they would of lasted so long. My heart broke for a few moments and I began to miss my ex wife. I never wanted for our love to end and I still very much love and miss her. I'm reminded of the overwhelming purpose of my Camino walk. I need to find greater peace and enduring strength. I've been exceptionally low these last few months and while I'm not 100% out the woods I do feel with each day I'm growing towards a new type of whole. She was my world and I need to discover a new one.

On another note I've been so impressed with my sister, Micah. I can't believe how incredibly talented she is at running these pilgrimages/trips, even with the journey barely begun she's a natural at hospitality and a master at having all these travel plans sorted out. To my last recollection there will be around thirty plus of us all together on this trip. And Micah has the perfect temperament for making people feel comfortable and at ease with this. I guess it's just crazy seeing this side of my sister. She's just so darn professional haha. 

You know it's funny how much you can take for granted walking and stretching about. As a man of 6foot 2inches these flights can make you feel a bit packed in like a sardine. The flight attendants have been pleasant but I've gotta say their job doesn't look easy. Effectively their job is waitressing on a cramped vehicle with no existing until we've arrived at our destination. Not an easy gig by any means. God bless these saints in the service industry doing their darnedest to make us fussy passengers feel comfy haha. 

11:27am PST  at 20,000 in the air still traveling to Newark airport 

Ok I'm gonna be a little mean here. But perhaps it's not odd to everyone else as I hardly ever saw this stuff in Portland compared to Los Angles. There's one particular flight attendant, no fault to her job or friendliness, but she's had so much plastic surgery done her whole face looks artificial. As she hands people their drinks I can clearly see its physically uncomfortable for her to close her enormous puckered up fish lips. Why do women feel this pressure to manufacture this cartoonish youth? I understand as a man we're sorta playing a different game, we look generally better with age. Outside of gaining weight which we can lose in an instant as a man I just look more handsome when I'm more rugged. Yet personally I don't really care for it when women plaster on layers of makeup and whatnot. I think makeup should make natural features pop instead of looking painted on out of thin air. I'd rather see acne scares and thin lips instead of this adult industry looks so many of these poor women are going for. I think wrinkles and gray hair and muffin tops are attractive! I don't want to look like a baby face twenty year old, especially since I'm thirty seven. I'm happy with my appearance, well most of the time. Too many Cheetos will make me feel like a lump but bodies are supposed to stretch and droop and sag with time haha. However, I'm sure this is probably offensive to someone because as a man I shouldn't look at women as if they're here to please me eyes. But honestly that's not even close to what I'm ranting about. I just feel that excessive efforts to capture a caricature of young age perplexes and averts me. We all judge a book by its cover and I wonder what others think of me, a tall, bald ginger bearded Scottish-Irish American man. But to me plain can be so much more beautiful than ornate. Well end of my soapbox and maybe I'm just tired haha.

8:32pm Newark Airport NJ eastern standard time.

We're about to take off for Madrid. Wow is this plane enormous! There's seven seats to a row!  Starting to feel quite exhausted so will try and get some sleep. My first time flying over the Atlantic Ocean I'm so excited and dog tired haha.

11:21pm 25,000 feet up still flying to Madrid eastern standard time 

Rocking out to "Working Man" by Rush! Such a good band!!! I don't know why I'm not banging their tunes more often. I'm feeling fantastic! Had dinner and Micah aka the fixer gave me some ibuprofen for some back pain! Been drawing a ton on these flights and I'm really finding a new groove. Amped to be trying a new artistic flair. It's a funny thing as an artist and animator you want your work to be cute but also sophisticated enough that you can cover an array of subjects. Been working on a possible series that's quite autobiographical, at least the adventures this character is experiencing are autobiographical. It's about a ginger Sasquatch. I wrote the first story that covers divorce and am working on two more. One that deals with spirituality/faith and the other that deals with mental health/thoughts of self harm. I guess I'm taking my dear friend Michael Gettel-Gilmartin's advice to heart: "write what you know and write what you love". So I know this tuff life stuff and I love Sasquatches. 

So my official day two of the Camino will begin sometime between my flight to Madrid. So this days entry will be a bit disjointed. I only had one more big sad feels over Katie when I attempted to watch a movie on my phone. It was the Detective Pokémon movie, as it was the last film we saw together before she left me. It might be sometime before I'll be able to fully enjoy certain films especially that one.  I do miss her but it's a strange reality I wouldn't be on this very plane ride had she not of left me. So missing her perhaps isn't the correct feeling. I guess I just hope and pray she's alright, that's she's safe and maybe just maybe learning how to be brave. And that she's taking good care of my cat Doc. I miss his fluffy little gray face.