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The Camino Adventure: Day Two

Tuesday September 24th 2019


10:07am on the bus Zaragoza

I can't fully describe how wonderful it feels to be able to fully recline my seat. My back has felt a bit like an accordion most of the last 16hrs. Now just to force myself to stay awake so I can sleep through the night and get on Spain time which is 9hours ahead of Los Angeles time.

There's a calm to the country side as Father Michael wraps up some blessings for us pilgrims. Soon following we hear a cover of the Leonard Cohen song "hallelujah" sung by probably a local artist in Spanish. I can't escape how much Spain looks like Northern California. Flat plains, rolling hills, splash of tree tops that line the not to distant mountains. Then every few miles the landscape changes, folds into prairies then back into craggy rocks, grass hill sides then lush mountains. Spain you're beautiful!

12:59pm Rest Stop & Restaurant 

We stopped for lunch at a rest stop slash market place. Boy are the Spanish obsessed with pork or "jamon". It's honestly difficult to not see that as their meat option on just about everything. While I'm planning on trying out the jamon here despite my allergy I'm gonna wait until I've got a bit more settled as we're still an hour and half away from our hotel in Zaragoza. The bread here however is just wonder! Fresh, crispy, chewing and has a golden crumb to it. I'm most definitely a fan of Spanish breads! Yum!

11:15pm Zaragoza, Spain🇪🇸 

What a long full day! We're spending tonight and tomorrow in the Palafox Hotel. While the Spanish country side was gorgeous once we arrived here in Zaragoza I felt like I was in Spain, like I was no longer in the USA. We arrived around 3pm and got settled in. I took a quick nap followed by an even quicker shower. Then we had dinner at 7:30pm, which apparently was a special request because "Spain Time" usually means dinner after 9pm. The meal was good but the real shining thing to me was the coffee! Wow! I absolutely love Spanish coffee! The coffee in Portland has been my gold standard so the coffee in Los Angeles has been really disappointing. But boy am I in love with Spanish coffee! It's rich and flavorful. It's typically served in a tiny cup and black and it's so complex. With caramel and floral notes yet still creamy with the chocolatey tastes of the beans. For me I hardly enjoy a cup of warm coffee as I prefer cold brew. The process of cold brew keeps the coffee creamy as heat usually strips the oils from the beans away. But not here in Spain! The coffee even while hot is just so delicious! Anyhoo I could wax and wane about their coffee all evening. Having trouble staying awake as this travel has been so steady.