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The Camino Adventure: Day Six

Saturday September 28th 2019: Portomarin to Pasa Del Rei

Friends of The Camino

The Camino experience has been absolutely life changing! I started out traveling along with a new friend from our group named Cheryl. We shared life stories and soaked up so many little side adventures. Cheryl's husband is a photographer so she caught her shutterbug addiction from him. So we literally stopped and smelled the roses along the way taking a ton of photos on her canon camera. She deliberately said she only wanted to use her canon camera as not to be distracted by her phone. Throughout out the day it was so fun to have a traveling buddy. Cheryl and I shared life stories and the reason and meaning of our Camino with one another. She had always wanted to make the trip along with the purpose of prayer for her loved ones that are in need of healing. I told her about my recent heartbreak and divorce. I have to say what I enjoyed so much about her is as a Protestant I'm really out of the loop on a lot of the catholic nuances. And Cheryl has been to kinda and excited to explain away any particular questions I have about faith and practice. The coolest highlight about walking with Cheryl is the homework she had done about each leg of our travels, particularly the ruins. We took a slight detour and saw ruins from the 4th century BC. They were incredible! They were Gaelic and Roman and I believe they were ancient foundations of a long lost town.

Nearing the last five miles of our fifteen mile trek we came to a small cafe to stop and began like usual meeting new people and sharing stories with other pilgrims. Sitting around the table people from Australia, Ireland, Canada, and of course all across the USA, Florida, Texas, Ohio and beyond. We had also shared collected stories from other pilgrims along the way. One particular story was about an elusive pilgrim that apparently was walking the whole Camino barefoot. Another was about a man that had lost his ability to walk and miraculously regained the use of his legs that had decided to walk The Camino out of gratitude to God. Then another about a woman in a rainbow scarf that was pushing people through The Camino in a chair if they needed assistance. You could just so easily sit back and collect thousands of unique and interesting stories from people all around the world here. It's been amazing!

Cheryl and I parted ways for the last leg of the day's walk and I came across a guy named Kevin from Columbia that barely spoke English. His phone was dying so I offered him my charger. We chatted through google translate and had a blast telling each other jokes and sharing why we were on The Camino. As a thank you for the charger he bought me a beer and we soaked up the afternoon sunshine.

That evening celebrating with the group from our days journey I did however learn I'm not able to party like my catholic buddies. As I got sick from too much wine. I think I'll try and hold off tomorrow from drinking wine even though the funny thing is wine is significantly cheaper that water here haha.