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The Camino Adventure: Day Eight

Monday September 30th 2019: Melides to Azura

Adventures In Healing


I woke up not with my knee pain but with a swollen leg and foot. I had heard some people yesterday mention how I should be sure to wear my knee brace to bed. Which turned out to be just awful advice! I tried to elevate my leg to regain feeling and lower the swelling, not going to lie, inside I was kind of freaking out. But I was ok to go walking. I had some stiffness and knee pain; then this wonderful saint named Martha offered me some all natural CBD oil and that did the trick! Worked better than ibuprofen or any other recommendations. The pain went away immediately and I had zero troubles all day.

Which was perfect because I was able to walk for most of the day step by step with Deacon Mike. Deacon Mike is one of the coolest guys I've met. He's a retired L.A. homicide detective with an ocean of life experience and intense stories, whose also an ordained Deacon. I never knew really anything at all about how the Catholic Church organized itself but Deacons are effectively the Pastors of the churches. They just don't do confessions or communions. But all the regular church stuff Deacons do it! Which from my upbringing means Deacons do more than most of the Protestant pastors I knew. It was such a blast to have some one on one time this trip that I could really dive deep into rich discussions over scripture and faith. Seriously it was like having a four hour interactive sermon. I learned a novel sized insights into burning questions I've always had. I half jokingly told Deacon Mike you're starting to seriously sway me in your direction. "This stuff is so fascinating!" We talked about saints, healings, early church history and immensely more personal stuff. I just loved it!

As the last few miles remained we came across Jilly and her Grandmother. Jilly is from Belgium and her grandmother, eighty one years old are doing the pilgrimage together! And they're both just so precious! Jilly and I have become fast friends as we both have so much in common from art to music to poetry. It was like meeting a part of myself on The Camino. I seriously can't believe how much we have in common there's already plans for me to come and visit with her in Belgium. 

It's absolutely amazing to see how these friendship I've been building on the road to the bones of Saint James are actively changing the course of my life! As Jilly, her grandmother and I walked into town we bumped in again with the Irish father and daughter group, Morris & Catherine and if all goes well tomorrow we're going to sit down for drinks and share our Camino adventures together.

It's been such a wonderful time and in many ways I do wish it wasn't so close to this end of our pilgrimage portion. But such is the Way. Life's an adventure but through the journey often more than the destination.