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Beauty Marks

Journal entry: Saturday August 31st, 2019

As dawn broke across the rural Oregon countryside we drove through the forest. Approaching "The Avenue Of The Giants" I felt a familiar calm rush over me. It was bittersweet - a mixture of feeling at home and yet homeless. The Redwoods towered over us in ancient significance and grace that embedded me with awe. I wanted to stop and just let the surroundings completely absorb me, as roots consume water. I wanted my every fiber to be here now! Nature's grand and forgiving. It's powerful, and violent yet always ready to be at ease. Like a river that bends, turns into a raging rapid to a waterfall then finally into a still river.

I envy this place. You have a beginning wiser than my own, an existence more serine and a future beyond my few breaths on this planet. You're beautiful. Yes this stretch between the southern Oregon border and Northern California is a home to me. There's something here that makes my heart leap and bound. And yet my heart is set to press on. I must leave these trees for an ocean breeze.

You press upon me for eternity, your beauty marks.