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Easy As Pie

Humming the original tunes to the ultimate love song; the fair skinned ginger boy spun in circles on his socks in the rough wooden floors of the hallway. "I love you more and more and I'll buy you a piece of pie". This silly little boy felt something when he sang this tune. He felt deep about these trivial lyrics. Especially the declaration that his love extended to purchasing this potential romance a "piece of pie".Surprised by his sisters, catching this gratuitously flowery display, they began to make fun of him.

He was cross! How dare they make him feel so low. He felt things about this song. He had created a song with imagery and originality. He was coming up with art! But he was also ten years old. And had zero idea of romantic love, or how little in the sense of artfulness using food in exchange for inner desires looked in his composition.

This clueless poet, this ten year old romantic, was me. The earliest attempt I had at song writing was this exact poem which I sang with gusto. Embarrassingly flamboyant gusto! Until my wonderful art critic sisters took the wind out of my sails. Haha yes, this was an important and cringeworthy lesson. If you're going to be an artists, expect critique! And if you're going to be an artist understand some critique is down right on point! It was a silly song that said "I love you more and more and I'll buy you a piece of pie".  Hey, if I love someone or heck if I like you I'll buy you a piece of pie! But much more so pie isn't the depth or extent of the affections I can express. Haha! I do like this idea of being genuine at any level even when my younger self wasn't mature enough to understand. However I was correct in one thing as a simple songwriting child: love requires a response. Be that a kiss, a hug, a thank you card, a nice email or a piece of pie. To quote the 90s Christian Pop band, DC Talk: "Love is a verb".

Thank you for following my journey!

Your friend,

-Jesse 🥧