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A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.


hometown: California

favorite food: How long of a list can I create hahaha mashed potatoes are still my top but then cheese especially Brie

Hobbies: research is actually also my hobby. I also love reading, swimming, eating cheese, road trips and all traveling, singing, and taking naps (that can be a hobby right?)

Bio: Micah Tindage

Micah is educated in business management, legal studies, and freelance writing. 

She has experience in research and writing with law firms and financial institutions and various individual matters. 

She was born and raised on the west coast but loves traveling the globe finding new experiences to gain insight and inspiration into her freelance writing. 

Her personal experiences of life’s struggle and hardships along with victories have provided her with not just an insight into the grass less green, but a compassion for the fight. With her experience, she is able to bring a perceptive of characters’ mindset and emotional struggles in order to relate to a greater audience.









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