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A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.

Your Storyteller Team

Mr. Bray Studios is a heart-first marketing agency, specializing in print, web, and film! We're a group of passionate animators, designers, filmmakers and writers that want to help you drop anchor on your next big idea and into the hearts of your audience! Contact us today: Your Story Is Where Our Adventure Begins!

our Core Values

💙 Empathy 💙

Be that being patience with a client or a colleague, empathy is a core value we deeply require and expect as apart of our company culture. We pride ourself in the kindness we offer at our studio. Everyone is treated with sincere interest and respect. We believe by setting a standard for empathy we help the whole world treat each other better!

🚀 Enterprise 🚀

Enterprise or “Resourcefulness” is paramount to the work that we do! Our clients trust us to be good stewards with our time and talents and their creative babies. This is where our company raises the bar! From colleague to client all of us rowing together we’re motivated self-starters with an eye on the race and the prize!

🧠 Education 🧠

We’re all life long learners. Hungry for knowledge! Slow to speak and quick to listen - we’re ready to learn and absorb and match our clients passion and needs. We’re also teachers at heart! We value learning and value teaching, all from a place of heartfelt enthusiasm. This is where we see ourselves beyond your typical agency but in the educational hospitality industry! We’re committed to always help you find an apt and practical answer!

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