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       MR BRAY

A boutique design & animation shop that dissolves the line between studio and agency.


CEO/Creative Director

hometown: Portland, OR.

favorite food: fried chicken 🍗

hobbies: finding new ways to fry things aka cooking


Bio: Jesse Bray

While I've spent the last ten years in the Pacific Northwest I've lived all across the country, California, Minnesota and even Maine. My mother was a model and an actress so we moved quite a bit as a kid. We were also homeless a lot so I knew my way around lots of shelters and soup kitchens and strange but friendly people. I'm an animator and graphic designer by trade. However, I used to be a folk musician and was a missionary for a stint and a seminary dropout.

I started my company Mr. Bray Studios, LLC. in 2011 and specialize in everything from print to web to film. My clients have ranged from large brands such

  • Animatron
  • Pears USA
  • Nike
  • Intel
  • Hallmark
  • University of Arizona
  • Washington County
  • - to smaller tech and construction companies.

I love meeting new people and encouraging fellow nerds out in the ether. I find a lot of inspiration from interviewing people and making friends on my podcast (ranked in the top 100 in Sweden) “Go Forth & Nerd” and from reading short stories, watching movies, tv shows and reading comics. I'm happily married to my best friend and funniest woman I've ever known and I'm a cat dad to two adorable and fluffy cats. 


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